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Our Mission

If you remember the original Pirates Park I hope you remember it fondly. If you've never been, let me tell you a little about what it was and what I want it to be. In the 80's, a company built a boat showroom and dug out a pond out back where you could test drive the vessel you had your eye on. For reasons unknown, that shop closed and in its place came the family amusement center, Pirates Cove. They were then quickly approached by lawyers from another Pirates Cove, thus, Pirates Park was born. With the only Go-Kart track with a crossover bridge, the pond for paddle boats and bumper boats, a fine hill to make mini-golf a fun challenge, the Park did well for years. Eventually, they added two waterslides and for a brief time even did bungee jumping. As most things in Flint did during that time from the 90's to the early 2000's times got tough and the park eventually closed its doors. Not before hosting countless birthday parties including several of my own. 

Too many years later the park has become what people like to call an eyesore. A problem too big for anyone with sense in their head to attempt to tackle. Which brings us to today, where out of a deep love of old things, broken things, and a stubbornness to rival the trees I've set my sights on... reopening and reimagining Pirates Park for the modern age.

Wooden House in the Forest

Planning for the Future

There are a lot of great things that have come from the shared knowledge and connectivity of the web. We'd like to take advantage of that but making this park accessible to patrons who may never set foot on site. Through video and web meets participation in games and events will be possible for everyone with Wi-Fi.

Revised poster-1.jpg

Analog Internet

As much fun as online play is I still believe there is no substitute for experience. Achievement, personal scores and preferences are all great thiungs to come from online gaming and I'd like to make those part of the experience at Pirates Park. New games to be unlocked, prizes for success, and a collective account for everyone to share and "unlock" the next big attraction. One that would be chosen by members and patrons. 

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